Create truly interactive GUIs

AdvancedGUI enables you to intuitively build interactive GUIs through a web editor and display them in ItemFrames or hand-held maps.

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Getting started


ProtocolLib is required.

Using PlaceholderAPI is optional but adds a lot of functionality to your GUIs through Placeholder-Checks, so you might want to install that too.

For the Money-Check to work and for run command as OP, you will also need to install Vault (optional).


Just put the AdvancedGUI and ProtocolLib plugins into your plugins/ folder and restart your server.

Quick Start

This is a really quick walkthrough on how AdvancedGUI works:

Creating your first GUI:

To create a GUI you use our web editor.

You get started by clicking Add component on the bottom-left and see where your creativity takes you from there. Once you are satisfied with your GUI you should download the layout file. This gives you a file converted to a format that is understood by the plugin. Place the .json-file in the layout/ folder of AdvancedGUI and do /ag reload. Now your GUI should be available ingame. You can see all your Layouts with /ag layouts.

Placing and GUIs ingame:

You can place a GUI with /ag place [Layout-Name] and clicking the top-left ItemFrame of a matching ItemFrame grid. Or you can obtain a GUI Item with /ag item [Layout-Name] (Player) if it’s a 1x1 GUI.